What’s New

These are new features and improvements of note in each release.

v0.1.0 (06 / 28 / 2023)

First official release.

  • pvdeg populated with various classes, including functions for: - energy calculations of water, vapor pressure, ingress rate, edge seal width, van hoff irradiance degradation, weighted average irradiance, arrhenius acceleration factor, weighted average irradiance - fatigue of soldering bonds - humidity calculations, including relative humidity on outside surface, on front encapsulant, back encapsulant, and backsheet - BoLID and LeTID degradation profile calculations - Standards, such as minimum module stand-off distance calculation - support of internal calculations needed such as spectral, solar position, etc.

  • Re-structured folders to include Documentation, Versioning and Setup.

  • Tutorial examples available on the tutorials folder to run through Jupyter, Collab or Binder

  • Added Sphinx Documentation

  • Added Versioneer

  • pytests implemented for most functions